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Delivery Policy

Order online before 1pm for same day delivery.


Delivery days and time: 
Weekdays, Saturday: after 1p.m. (it depends on the distance to the delivery location).

We provide free flower delivery. We will do our best to accommodate deliveries at specific times of day, but we cannot guarantee it.
Pick up.

Unfortunately, you cannot pick up the order yourself.
Delivery Address.

When sending flowers the location of the delivery is very important in deciding what to send and also information required. Below is a list of destination types with things to consider for each.
We always need the following information:
Complete name (First Name, Last Name), address, city, zipcode and phone number.
Residences/Home: all information required above and if applicable, any apartment numbers, gate code. In some cases, we may need to call before delivering to confirm that someone will be there to receive the gift.
Business Addresses: all information required above and the company name and if applicable any suite number, department, or floor. These orders are always delivered before 5pm.
Hospitals: all information required above and the complete hospital name, room number, pavilion, wing or floor available. Some hospital wards do not allow flowers for reasons pertaining to hygiene, although most find it ok. If your loved one is intensive care unit, a burn unit or has just delivered a new baby, the hospital might not allow flowers. Make sure to check with the hospital to find out if they allow flowers and if not, wait until they get home, or are transferred before surprising them with a bouquet. Please wait for the patient to be assigned a room before sending flowers.
Schools: Please note that deliveries to students are not allowed. Deliveries to staff are permitted, be sure to specify in the delivery instructions at what hour the school closes.​

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