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Return Policy

​    If the recipient has not received your order, we ask that you give us at least 24-48 hours to investigate the reasons.

     In many cases, the delivery was attempted but either the recipient was not home/office and/or no neighbors were available to accept the order. In such cases we will do our best to re-deliver the arrangement so that the recipient still receives it on the requested date.

       If an order is filled, delivered to the recipient and the recipient has questions about the quality of the arrangement, please contact us immediately. In most cases we will gladly replace the arrangement. To request a replacement, please contact us within 24 hours after the delivery. No refunds or replacements can be made for any order if the recipient didn't notify us about any issues within 24 hours after the original delivery date.

    Flowers Deluxe reserves the right to reject any order which, in our opinion, contains incorrect information or is fraudulent. In such cases, we will attempt to contact the person making the order using the contact information provided.

       If you place an order and then decide to cancel it, it must be done no later than one day prior to the delivery of the order. If the cancellation is received on the date of delivery, no refund can be issued. Cancellations will not be accepted if you place an order with information that prevents delivery, such as incorrect shipping address. If you enter an incorrect shipping address with your order, please contact us immediately to correct it.

      We will not issue refunds in cases where the recipient, for whatever reason, will not accept the item. Flowers Deluxe will not be liable for incorrect quantities of ordered products. Please make sure you select the correct number of items you are ordering during the checkout process. If there are any issues with your order, please contact us immediately.

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