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This is a bouquet of flowers in a box with assorted flowers, including roses, in pink and red colors with greenery. 

Your  bouquet will be made using the same tone of flowers and may include, but is not limited to, the listed flowers. The arrangement comes in a red velvet box.

Large velvet box

Box size: 7.6"dia. x 7.4"

Medium velvet box

Box size: 6.8"dia. x 6.7"

Small velvet box

Box size: 6.1" dia. x 5.9"

We provide Free flower delivery.

The price doesn't  include taxes. They will be calculated in checkout.


  • The florist of Flowers Deluxe hand-designs each arrangement, so colors, varieties and container may vary due to local availability

  • When sending flowers the location of the delivery is very important in deciding what to send and also information required. 

    We always need the following information:

    • Delivery date
    • Recipient's full name (First Name, Last Name)
    • Address
    • City
    • Zipcode and phone number
    • Location type (business, home, apartment and etc.)

    Also, we need full name and phone number of customer (who orders flowers).

    Fill in this information when placing an order. Also you can write additional information in the Shopping Cart using the field


     All information received will be used only for timely and correct delivery of flowers.

    Full information about delivery you can read on the page DELIVERY POLICY

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